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About IGM

"Helping Leaders Succeed"
IGM is a value-driven organization changing and enriching
the world through the study and proliferation of global best practices.

Key IGM Features

  • IGM is the only non-university think tank in Korea producing its own exclusive contents to help corporations and their leaders.
  • - Exclusive Contents
  •    Provides practical solutions to leaders' problems directly as the only non-university think tank in Korea
  • - Strict Quality Control
  •    Strictly manages training and content development process through a proven system
  •    (total of 20,000 training hours with an average rating of 9.3/10 as of 2016)

  • As an educational think tank delivering both education and problem-solving solutions, IGM helps corporations solve their problems in a practical manner.
  • - Innovation via edu-solving
  •    Edu-solving is a Korean problem solving solution based on education developed by IGM to help companies
       solve their own problems
  • - Strict Quality Control
  •    Strictly manages training and content development process through a proven system
       (total of 20,000 training hours with an average rating of 9.3/10 as of 2016)

  • IGM leads the creative economy through its network of 3,000 C-level clients and 700 customized corporate training programs.
  • - The world's largest & longest running program
  •    Over 100 CEOS have been enrolled in IGM's Master of Management Program (MMP) for 9 consecutive years
       and over 1,200 C-level executives are enrolled in the IGM Creative Club
  • - Top 9 CEOs as IGM Mentors
  •    Top current CEOs and proud IGM program graduates are serving as faculty members in IGM

  • IGM leads the Korean Knowledge Wave based on globally acknowledged knowledge content.
  • - Competitive global supplier of business knowledge content
  •    Signed Bizcuit distribution agreement with NTUC Learning Hub, the largest corporate education center in Singapore
  •    Trains Chinese eMBA students from Nankai University during their visit to Korea
  •    Provides negotiation courses for foreign ambassadors residing in the Republic of Korea

IGM Business Areas

  • Self-Developed Contents and R&D
  • • Employs over 30 master and doctorate professors and 40 qualified researchers
  • • Strict quality management and transparent assessment system
  • Corporate Training
  • • IGM currently trains over 700 CEOs of Korean blue-chip companies
  • • It delivers problem-solving programs through customized corporate training and edu-solving workshops on
       pending management issues
  • • IGM also offers assessment tests, solutions, training, and workshops through the IGM Knowledge Club
  • IGM Creative Club
  • • A knowledge membership club for 1,200 CEOs nationwide
  • • With membership, all contents can be shared among employees through videos online
  • • IGM nurtures creative directors within client organizations to ensure continuous change
  • Master of Management Program (MMP), the world's longest running program
  • • A perpetual program in its 9th year for entrepreneurs and CEOs of Korea's top 100 corporations
  • • Knowledge-Charging center for the top tier of CEOs
  • Open Enrollment Programs
  • • IGM offers management contents by topic on values, creativity, negotiation, strategy, HR,communication,
       sales, etc.
  • • It also has specialized programs for CEOs, newly appointed executives, managers, and new recruits.
  • • Furthermore, IGM offers customized training to improve leadership skills and other areas that need training
  • Bizcuit
  • • An online membership program for CEOs which provides
       over 2,000 videos on solving specific business problems in 5 minutes. New videos are added daily.
  • • Available in English and Chinese
  • • 1,000 CEOs have subscribed within 2 years of launching
  • Online Program for IGM Creative Club
  • • Possible to share lectures with all employees from offline to online
  • • Available for use as in-house MBA for corporations
  • IGM Entrepreneur Academy (IEA)
  • • Training program for entrepreneurs with exceptional spirit and talent
  • • Provides training on entrepreneurial spirit and shares know-hows through 30 IGM professors
       and 20 successful entrepreneurs (23 graduates from first year in 2013)
  • IGM-Sookmyung Women's University 'Joint Education': MOU
  • • Founded 'Creative Process Program for Women who Discontinued Careers',
       a joint education program by IGM and Sookmyung Women's University for women who discontinued careers
  • • 50 women with discontinued careers are selected and trained to become 'Creative Process Experts' (CPE).
       IGM assists their employment through joint networks of the two organizations.
  • IGM Books
  • • "Ten Commandments of Negotiations"," Values-Based Management", "Ten Commandments of Crisis Management",
  • • Publishes books on practical management expertise
  • • Books are personally written by professors based on lecture contents

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28, 8gil, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  Tel:82-2-2036-8325 (IGM Global International Business HQ)