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CEO's Message

In 2003, IGM was founded in a small office with a single staff.
Ever since, it has restlessly pursued its dream to “change and enrich the world”.

We believe the world will change and be enriched when its leaders are successful.
That’s why we have always worked hard to become the source of success
for leaders by providing them with the knowledge they need most,
such as skills that move people and ways to achieve win-win outcomes.

We have continuously changed ourselves to provide the world with new insights,
and worked to proliferate knowledge to more people in more places.

We believe a true leader is one who leads through values and is creative.
We believe leaders who lead through values will eventually outrun leaders who lead through material things alone.

Thus we were the first in the world to introduce the theme of “Values-Based
and have been dedicated to its proliferation ever since.

To help leaders who want to innovate, we studied the latest techniques and
skills on innovation.
That’s how IGM is now the nation’s first innovation expert group. We have strived hard to help leaders to create new values through

As a result, we were able to become the world’s largest CEO training institute attracting 3,000 CEOs and executive clients
yearly, which include the nation’s top CEOs, as well as have become a dependable corporate partner supplying knowledge
and solving the problems of more than 1,000 companies including

Our quest is far from over.

We will continue to strive hard to help leaders around the world succeed
by equipping them with the right value systems so that they can continue
to innovate based on such values.

We will continue to dedicate ourselves to the change and enrichment of the world.

Thank you.

Junn, Sung-Chull, Chairman & Founder Institute of Global Management전 성 철

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28, 8gil, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  Tel:82-2-2036-8325 (IGM Global International Business HQ)