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Mission & Vision

IGM’s mission is to help individuals,
corporations and societies succeed through the proliferation of
globally standardized knowledge & values.


IGM Pledge

Our purpose is to change and enrich
the world through the study and proliferation of globally standardized values.

We are Committed.
We are committed to globally standardized values.
We are committed to providing the highest value.
We are committed to delivering continuous innovation.
We are committed to each other.

We pursue respect.
Respect is the living evidence of our ability to provide value and prioritize respect.

We dream always.
We dream of changing and enriching the world.
IGM will be a think-tank that is globally-acknowledged and has global standardized values by 2023.

We freely dream and act on the above mission and values.
As free people, we continuously provide and learn to create new things.

Global Standard :
The system or value that is acknowledged as the world’s best.

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